Be secure online

Security online can mean a number of different things, it may range from anything from¬†anonymity¬†to simply being on a secure network. It’s your right to be protected online, and we’re here to help.

Connect remotely to content

View television like you would at home. Access web services like RTÉ, TG4 & TV3 like you would do in Ireland when you are on holiday. Some website content is geographically restricted based on your IP address. With a VPN you will appear to be somewhere else, based on the physical location of the VPN server. You should only access these services if you have valid TV license for the country you are watching TV.

Connect securely to content

Encrypt your internet connection. Accessing open WIFI connections and other unsecured internet connections opens you up to different types of attacks. Unscrupulous owners of these networks could capture usernames, passwords and other sensitive data that you send over a network. For an increased level of security a VPN encrypts your data between your computer, through the open connection to our secure servers. A VPN is a must have tool when travelling.

VPN costs

Prices for VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have dropped dramatically, and now for the price of nice glass of wine you can have your internet connection protected. Connecting your computer to a VPN is a straight forward process, these companies have great support documentation to help you online within a few minutes. You won’t need any special software or expertise, just follow their step by step guide and you will be surfing on a VPN in no time. Once the VPN is setup you can choose when and where to enable it, so you don’t need to have it running the whole time.

All of the providers of VPNs provide detailed information on how to setup your VPN, and they all provide email support to help you if you are having any issues. The best thing is that no special experience is required to get started. Before you know it you will have an Irish IP address, and will be surfing securely like you are in Ireland !

Free alternatives

Running a VPN service comes with a high expenditures, such as billing, server infrastructure and support. You may find services online that have cheap VPNs, but free VPNs simply can’t exist due to business economics. In fact we would be wary of companies offering such services. Don’t worry they aren’t that expensive.

Pay per Month

These services are available on a month by month basis, so no long contract necessary. You only need to pay for the service when you really need it, and they can be cancelled at any stage. Discounts are available for longer periods of time, for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year contracts. This insures that you are only paying for it when you need to. For your convenience we have a VPN comparison table here of the top three VPN providers.

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