8 security accounts to follow on twitter

For those of you who read our blog and are on twitter, this post is for you! We are big fans of the platform for discovering industry news and trends about security, VPNs and privacy. We tweet every now and again under @IrishVPNs.

So after you’ve followed us ☝, here are some great great people to follow.

1 @TroyHunt

Based in Australia and creator of @haveibeenpwned, a lookup tool for checking if your email and passwords have been a subject of a data breach. Troy is an active advocator for HTTPS everywhere and other security movements.

2 @briankrebs

Brian Krebs is the maintainer of a popular security blog, http://krebsonsecurity.com/

3 @laparisa

Parisa Tabriz is one of the managers at Googles information security team. She calls herself a Security Princess.

4 @window

Window Snyder (wikipedia) has just joined Intel as Chief Software Security Officer as of June 2018. Previously she work at Fastly as CSO, Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple.

5 @SwiftOnSecurity

Swift has over 240 thousand followers and regularly shares breaking security news.


6 @kindervag

John Kindervag is former Forrester Principle Analyst. Where he focussed on network security, information security, PCI data security and wireless security. Currently he is the CTO of Palo Alto Netwoks. 

7 @dangoodin001

Dan Goodin is a Technical writer / reporter at Arstecnica with responsibility for covering IT Security topics such as Malware, botnets and hardware hacking. Dan shares a lot of breaking news around internet security

8 @twittersecurity

Keep an up to date on security reports from twitter itself.


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