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Secure your business

For businesses that have employees working remotely a VPN service the encrypt their traffic is essential. If these users are accessing or sending sensitive or confidential information a VPN will add an extra layer of security. When your employees are out of the office, and are using public WiFI they could potentially be subjected to a packet sniffing software that can capture, decrypt and steal information. Using open & unsecured networks or even compromised data connections is a major source of information leaks in companies.

For this reason we recommend that every business uses VPN tunnelling technology whenever employees are not directly on the secure business network.

These networks, Wifi or wired are generally accessed by laptops but could also be used by your employees smart phones (iPhones, Android devices or Blackberries). If your employees use a network that is not secure or trusted then you cannot fore sure if the traffic is being monitored and analysed.

VPNs for Businesses

For business VPNs we recommend IBVPN who offer 20 concurrent secure connections for just $999 per year. For less than $4.20 (less than €3.50 per seat per month) you can protect 20 employees’ internet connections. For smaller businesses or families they also offer plans for 3, 5 or 10 concurrent VPN connections.

Types of VPNs for Businesses

There are two main types of VPNs systems for businesses:

  1. VPN Encryption for internet traffic – Systems for encrypting your employees internet traffic when they are out in the field using public networks.
  2. Secure VPN Tunnel – Systems for encrypting your employees traffic to access your internal business network securely.

The latter, a VPN tunnel, can also be set up to securely route internet traffic via your servers. You can read more about running your own VPN server. This article mainly concerns itself with the less complicated, business VPN encryption for internet traffic.  Most of the VPN providers offer discounts on multiple user accounts, and allow for simple account management & centralised billing.

Companies like IBVPN offer plans for 3,5,10 or 20 concurrent users and are affordable.

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