Running your own VPN server

Our consumer VPN product may not be the best fit use case for business customers. We of course do offer VPN access plans for businesses, which bundles multiple accounts together under one price, but for some business users this is not what they are looking for.

It’s often the case that businesses need a VPN or tunnel through some firewall to access their systems securely. The easiest way to allow access to these systems is by whitelisting an IP or series of IP addresses, and using secure authentication to allow your staff to use a VPN tunnel from their location, through a dedicated server and onto your office systems. This process does require some technical skills, but it’s pretty straight forward and should be possible to be implemented by your system administrator.

Using a dedicated server

The first step is to rent or purchase a sever. We actually don’t recommend that you go to the expense of purchasing a server, renting them by month is preferred and is ┬ácost effective. In the future prices may become cheaper or old hardware will be upgraded for you for free, depending on what provider you go with.

This server will act as the authentication gateway to your office systems. For renting servers we recommend Dediserve (that’s what we run this website on), but you can of course use any service that offers VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) or dedicated servers. We have included a voucher code at the end of this article for Dediserve.

You will need a server that has at least the following specifications:

  • 2GB RAM (4GB+ is recommended)
  • 40GB of Hard disk space
  • Dual Core or better CPUs
  • Linux based

Setting up a VPN on dedicated system

Here are some guides that do a pretty good job explaining how you get set up.

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