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Whether you want to talk to your mum about Christmas presents or your business colleague about a big private business deal, you may want to do it in private. Privacy does come in different shapes and forms, but to encrypt your chat session so that no one else, not event the government can see, you may need to use some of the tips in the video below. It uses a mixture of Tor and decentralised jabber chat servers to insure that your conversations cannot be listened in on.

Many journalists & politicians already use anonymous chat in their daily business. There’s nothing illegal about keeping your conversations away from prying ears. This method of anonymous chat is safer than encrypted emails or text messages. Caution is needed in the setup, so please follow the steps in the right order. Failure to do any of these steps may lead to identifiable META, that could help hackers to find out who you are or how to get access to your chats.

Step 1 – Download the Tor browser


Download the Tor Browser

Tor reroutes your internet traffic to make it impossible to track what you are doing online. Now you can easily block advertising companies who build profiles based on what websites you visit.

Step 2 – Download Jabber chat


Download the Jabber Chat service

Jabber uses OTR protocol, so called Off-the-record to keep your chats private. Only sign up to services that allow you create accounts with the Tor Browser open.

Step 3 Chat Client


For Mac users

For Windows users use

Step 4 Setup your chat client to only work with Tor

See the video below to walk you through these steps.

How to chat anonymously online

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