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UK Censorwall

Last week the story broke that David Cameron wants to block certain types of content on the internet. The plan is that …

VPN Router

Today we received a reader question about VPN Routers, and how they can be used at home. A VPN Router is nothing more than a normal router, than can be configured in a special way to allow your internet traffic to be first sent to a third party server to allow you to tunnel and access the internet from the end of your tunnel.

What countries block Facebook ?

A visitor to our website asked “What countries block facebook ?”. They wanted to make sure that they could use Facebook while on a work trip to China. We look at which countries around the world block this social networking website.

Welcome !

We’ve just launched our website, we’re excited about brining you the best advice on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). We want you to be safe online and to make sure that your identify remains secure.