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Internet Privacy over Christmas

Christmas is almost here, people are busy buying their gifts online and getting back home to their families. One little thing to …

UK Surveillance Law

If you live in the UK, or you travel there often, you may need to pay close attention to a new law …

The Privacy Observer

So you think you know about online privacy, and you know how safe you really are online ? How about checking out …

Why you should be careful with free proxies

Free proxies sound like a generous gift from someone who has some extra space on their server, but is it really? We look at two ways that free proxy providers are earning their money by you using their service. One way can end up that your private details will be stolen and sold to the highest bidder. Take our steps to protect your identify online, and if you are using a free proxy you should at least know the associated risks involved.

The UK were monitoring Irish Internet traffic

We all know that the governments listen to other governments’ internet traffic, and governments listen to their citizens’ internet traffic. What has come as a little surprise was the the UK government was listening to Irish internet traffic between Ireland & Wales and between Ireland and the USA. We are hoping that this news gets a bit more coverage in the coming days.